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Hi all, Thanks Nikki for starting the new thread. I didn't realize there was a limit to the number. I guess good to know.

So tomorrow is the graduation. It is a big deal Nikki and we are very proud of you. Look at everything you've accomplished.

Penny, while I was being a chemist with my hair (hello Garnier Hair Color) I remembered something about vinegar rinse during my youth. I'm going to look into that. You could be right on the algecide - PVC pipes - but I swore I bought non-copper algecide. I will start the vinegar rinses again but for now the hair can't go swimming for a day or two. But it's not green anymore.

Judy and Penny enjoy your get together. Carol, Judy's traveling to Oregon. Unfortunately I'm 5 hours south of Portland or I'd crash their get-together.

Carol, I hope you have the funnest time tomorrow kayaking. That's so great to go with a group (especially a young group that doesn't see that you're supposed to be "older". What a great compliment!!!

Yesterday skiing was great. DGS Mom and I had a lot of fun. A couple hiccups getting there, but we did have a great time. Here's a photo of me having a break while coming off the summit.

(note the green jacket to match the green hair.)

Because of the hiccups (south roads to the ski area were closed so we had to come from the north - Bend, OR) we stayed in Bend and went shopping. We bought loads and had a fun time. I didn't get home till 8:30 and I had dinner with DH so I didn't swim. But it allowed me to color my hair this am so that's okay. I will use the swimcap/conditioner setup to swim tomorrow (or maybe this afternoon if I live dangerously!!!)

Diet wise, doing so-so. I'm really not motivated but I'm not being bad either. I'll get going on it consistently sooner or later. As long as I'm so-so, I'm not gaining and that's all I really care about at this point.

Today I promised DH to weed wack. Oh. Loads of fun... Then I'm going to actually work on the Roman Shades for my sliding glass doors so that the sun doesn't fry my house (we took down the vertical blinds that Dear Kodiak liked to lift his leg on...) Devil Doggie...

No exercise so far today, but it's to be cooler so I'm going to take dear doggies walking. My legs are tired from yesterday. Skiing in slush is way harder on the legs then light powder. I'd never thought about that before but I guess it makes sense. Quite the workout yesterday.

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