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Nikki thanks for contacting me and setting up the site. The ongoing contact is so helpful I think we all would be lost with out each other.
Penny oh I can picture Bear doing exactly that out the window! He is quite the man I tell you. But in many ways he is coming around and that is so nice when he does what he should do. Puppies will be puppies I am told and spaniels have high energy and spirits to boot! My back is killing me in the mornings not so nice its my lower back butt area. If it doesn't improve soon I will go see the doc. My last resort. If I take Aleve before bed or something like it I am much better in the a.m. it passes after I am up for a bit. But it does hinder the yard chores a bit. Penny I would like to send them all off to the vet. That might be a good resource to use. When their acting up next time I am going to think of what you said and just have a little giggle to my day it will be a good tool for me to use. Its funny the one tries to put all the blame on the other one. Then she tried to start telling me something about the other one I put my hand up two times and stopped her and said I really don't want to know thanks. I will continue to use that approach and not get into any of the gossip stuff. That way eventually it might stop or slow down all together. Grown woman I tell yah! My daughter says I would rather work with guys sometime I have to admit its easier but they have their issues too.The hubby and I went out for fish dinner last night I am not sure what hit me but my stomach went way off. I seem better now. Wow! Hopefully the rest of my weekend is okay. I did plan on kayaking in the morning sunday we'll see what the weather and my body is lIN. Judy hope things slow down for you. Where are you off to this time around? I did manage to go shopping for some healthy stuff before I felt yuk. So now I have no excuse I can make better choices and eat healthy. If I feel better tonight will be a grill night some meat and veggies. I am going to make some eggplant parm on sunday baked eggplant not fried. I have to work on the flower girl dresses tonight. Taking them in and putting some trim and ribbon on. It would be a good project to do and get out of the way. The wedding will be here before I know it. I am going to get my hair highlights done too. I want them done a couple of weeks ahead of time in case I want adjustments done. I am still trying to decide on how to wear my hair up or partially up or down and fluffed. So much to think about and before I know it just memories it will be. But I want it to be nice and beautiful for the day. I pray for a nice sunny beautiful day. Well talk to you all soon I plan on some gardening this weekend along with sewing exercise etc. Lots to do! Take care!
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