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Thanks for starting a new thread Nikki . I'm sure the others will find us soon. I hope your Friday is going well.

Judy - No, I'm not any kind of scientist, but I love nature - especially unusual plants and birds. The only kind of chemistry I'm involved with is when I touch up my roots about every six weeks!

Carol - Your puppy sure is a bundle of energy - maybe a trip to the vets to get "tutored" is what he needs to calm down . I always think of the Far Side comic when the dog leans out of the car window bragging to another dog that he's going to the vets to get tutored. Maybe your nasty coworkers need to go to the vets too!

Marie - I hope you're having a great time skiing and swimming today.

My back is playing up because of all the gardening and I could hardly move this am. I took 2 ibuprofens so will attempt to go to Curves. I still have so much I want to do in the yard, so it's quite frustrating when the body won't cooperate! On Saturday we're going to a specialty nursery out in the country where they have mini kiwi trees. My trees are out of sync with the male blooming about a month after the two females - hence no fruit! I'm looking for a new husband for my two lady trees.

Have a great weekend everyone.
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