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kelijpa, your post is full of practical "do-able" ideas. Thank you so much for weighing in (do not exuse the pun)!
I didn't take my measurements as I proclaimed to myself that I would, so, thanks to your encouragement, this is what I will do todoay. I will also dust off my little weight icon thingy.
Today has not been so great. I wasn't feeling good yesterday, maybe a touch of a tummy virus. I am also feeling so very tired, but I think it may be just work stress. I have called in sick today from work, and I slept late. I plan to have a nice bath, just now, and pull myself together. I have my laptop at home and all the technology to work from home, and as a measure of self discipline, I plan to do that and accomplish something.
But....before that, I WILL take those measurements, and I will take my darling girl Shelby for a walk. (Shelby is a golden retriever).
Thanks all you ladies for your inspiration.!
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