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You gals are an inspiration. Maybe it's something to do with the 40s or the high expectations we lay on ourselves. I've been in the same boat. One oar in the water and wondering why I keep going around in circles. This Jan. I read an article about resolutions, it said to make a long term goal and mark it on the calendar. That's where I came up with my weight loss goal. One pound a week, one at a time. My problem lately had been quitting after a few weeks or a month or two. Now I have that looming on the calendar in Nov. Last month I only lost 1 lb. the whole month, but this month is going better. I think we are weak when we're in our low points and that's why we quit. If you can just stick it out when you're not as successful, the successes will come. Laws, you'll be glad later that you took your measurements, I wish I had, now I have nothing to compare too. That can be an awesome non-scale victory, in fact that book "you on a diet" tells you to go by your waist size not the scale for getting healthier.

I too have been a member of 3FC for quite some time and never really looked at the 40s support group. This site is so great, I'm very thankful for it. From support to recipes and even my silly weight tracker. It all helps.

I'm a big (pardon the pun) proponent of exercise for fighting depression. It helps so much. I try to do just a little bit more, not too much because if you hurt yourself then you're screwed. Mini goals to reach your long-term goal which should be mostly about better health.

Speaking of which, my WW leader is always talking about doing what you can keep doing long term. She's always telling us if you're eating something you don't like just because you're on a diet you're not going to make it, you need to learn to eat less of what you do like. So, keep that in mind. I've done the "eating only a tablespoon of peanut butter and sugar free jelly on lite bread" diet and although I lost a bunch of weight it came back.

I'm trying to create a new healthy lifestyle and the weight is coming off, slowly yes, but I think it's going to stay off this time. Lots of luck and good wishes. Just remember ~ don't give up! Just get back up and try again.
If I'm not willing to put in any more work, then I have to be satisfied with the results I've achieved. If I'm not satisfied with the results I've acheived I have to put in more work. - Kaplods

Thanks to Diana and GardenerJoy for threads that keep me going month after month!

Success leaves clues, look at what the people you admire are doing to succeed.

Quitting does not get you closer to your goals. Do not quit - adapt

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