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Thanks, Roxy, for your reply. You are all right, this is a really nice support group. I've been busy all day, would you my kitchen! Sounds depressing, but it's not. It looks so nice and I feel good. I wonder if that counts as excercise? Well, I was up and down on a stool, cleaning shelves, cleaning the windows, the top of the cupboards and fridge, and then down the floor. I certainly worked up a sweat. I have tried very hard last week as well as this week end to just focus on what I'm eating and drinking. I haven't got a diet to follow really, I just want to eat healthily and enjoy good things in moderation. This week I am keeping a log of everything I eat or drink. I also started a blog, Oh RubyJean - that's me! I gave myself that name years ago as a joke, but it stuck in my head. I think of RubyJean as the woman I am on the inside.
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