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Shadie - That new treadmill should definately help melt some of those pounds off ya, girl! As for WW, I think I've DEFINATELY been putting a lot more thought into it than my other previous diets. I'm just so PUMPED!

Brenda - Hope you get that rest you deserve!!!!

Well, I'm on the job hunt again, looking for something a little closer than my previous job. I have an interview for a data entry position on Wednesday. I really hope something comes of it. I'm just glad my finger is good for typing again...cuz I type about 70-75 words a minute, and I wouldn't want them to not hire me, cuz I couldn't type fast enough all because of my stupid finger! lol. So far, I'm doing good with my points. I had a nice little bowl of Special K Yogurt & Berries. Only 3 points for the bowl w/ milk! I'm going to try and space my meals/snacks out, too, and try and eat every 2.5 - 3 hours.

I'll be back here a bit later. It's a beautiful day out! I've got the patio door open to get some fresh air in here, and I've just been doing some house cleaning while Andrew's at the gym.
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