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Good Monday morning my sweet chickies! I am going to try to jump on this train before you all get so far a head of me. I have short legs and this thing moves soooo fast.

Nothing much new for me . Just staying on plan and praying! I did get a new electric tread mill. I haven't tried it yet . I am so excited tho.

Donna: I am with you sister . My TOM is a week late also with NO GOOD reason. I am very Anemic and TOM takes so much out of me that when I tell my DR. I missed or its late she say" Oh good for you. You get a break and can build up some strength for the next one!" She is being supportive but I just want her to fix it.. I have all your symptoms too. I want to go weigh in but I know I am bloated and retaining so much water I would just cry if I weigh now. Good luck with all the job stress hun. I know it's hard when KNOW IT ALLs try to change all the good stuff just to puff up their own egos. Maybe she'll huff and puff till she blows herself up.. .lol

Jilly: You poor girl. Fasting ALL day is too hard. I hope all the tests come back great so you don't have to do it again for a long while. Eat healthy when its done. Hugs.

Lesley: Tia chi in the morning?? Great for you. AND you're down almost 4 more lbs? You inspire me with ever post. You are such a go getter, I hope to run behind you at some point soon. You're so beautiful!!

Have a super strong OP day ladies.
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