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Good Morning Ladies!

My goodness...I don't post for a few days and it took me almost 45 minutes to catch up with you people!!

Things around here have been INSANE!!!

The new interim Principal has started and is a nice man. I think the transition has been easy because we really had no choice. On the other hand...he is not permenant, so maybe that has made it eaiser? To his credit, he is giving out detention and suspensions without a problem and is all over the building all day, so at least that much is getting done.

Sammi had her last competition for this year() yesterday, we were there from 9am until 4pm, and I am still exhausted. I am such an idiot, because they had a photographer who did "action" shots, which were pretty cool, and I waited on line for over an hour to get one. These women there take so long to make up their minds on a pose...I didn't think we were ever getting out of there. They girls did great again...but it was funny because they did the same 2 dances as last time, but the scores flip-flopped from the scores before. At least it is all over, now we just have the recital next month and that's it until September.

My boys have gotten summer jobs with the school district, so I am helping them fill out tons of paperwork...and of course, I was registering them online to be fingerprinted, and did one all correct and have the receipt to prove it, but true to form, when I did the other one, I was supposed to print 2 copies and instead of hitting print, hit my home icon and lost the page. I was frantic and called the tech support...she sent me an email and I tried to print it...and the paper got jammed in the printer...I almost threw it from my living room into my bedroom even though Doug was still sleeping. I am definately waiting until tommorrow to try and print again.

I am now a week late w/TOM and am about to lose my mind!! And no, hubby has been "fixed" so it's not that!!! My tummy feels so bloated that I may explode!! My TOM is starting to get further apart (Peri-Menopause )...I just wish it was over and I didn't have to worry about anymore. Was that TMI????
Sorry my post is all about me...but I am so far behind with personals that I only have 3 for now:

Heather: I LOVE YOUR NEW PICTURE!! You look great!

Kayley: I do WW points also. It is very easy to follow and the only suggestion I have is to make sure you keep track of everything. One thing I will always remember that my leader said is "If you bite it, write it"!!!

Zelma: The heart is beautiful, and is SO appropriate for you!! You have many words of wisdom to think about and I will really put them to good use!

I am off to get ready for work...
Have a Great OP day!

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