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Good Evening, Flowers! I am tired and ready to head off to bed. We had severe thunderstorms all night long and I kept waking up to be sure the electricity was still on. It was pouring rain when we got up and so windy again/yet. One of the sump pumps sounded like someone had turned the faucet on (Bob said it sounded like a cow peeing on a flat rock) and the water was just pouring in. The room with the area rug/furniture/TV is now also wet and we moved a few things out. The rest is sitting up on boards so as long as the sump pumps run, they will stay dry.

We did go up to MIL's cabin to hook up the water and do get a few things out of the shed. Bob is having the dock put in by an official dock installer because the water is too high for him to stand at the end this year. Jason and his family came too. Ian and Zowie tried to help Grandpa so everything took a little longer to get done. I made an angel food cake for Amanda's birthday. The recipe said to add Kool-Aid to flavor the cake and icing. The icing was way too sweet. Yuck! I think the humidity did the cake in . . . it tasted ok, but looked pretty sad!

"Gma" -- I'm wondering how the Queen transported all of her hats so they didn't get smushed?! She always looks so stern, I think. No matter what check out lane I choose, it ends up being the slowest one and I am usually beyond the point of no return when I realize that!

Hope you all have a marvelous Monday tomorrow! I am going to brush my teeth and head for bed!

Jean -- in Iowa!
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