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Good Sunday morning ladies! I didn't realize I never posted yesterday. I had commissary duty and sometimes that takes forever like it did yesterday. Five days after military payday and retirement payday, first weekend, and they have 4 checkers!!! The line snaked down the front of the store, clear to the back and started around the frozen food cases! So it took forever to check out.

I have got to get some housecleaning done today. My downstairs looks like ick ick. Well, maybe not bad, but I know it hasn't been cleaned so it is ick to me!

I talked to my neighbor and besides Jack and I, several of the neighbors think there are drugs being sold out of the condo next door. People coming all hours of the day and night, the big wad of bills Jack saw the guy have when he went and complained about them blocking our garage, something funny going on in the garage, etc. The cars pull up and block the street, filthy music pouring out of their cars. They are doorag wearing, scary looking street trash too. I have written a letter to the man who owns the place and to the police, but haven't decided whether I should mail them or not. They are ready to go and aren't dated so I am going to think about it for a day or so and then decide what to do. I didn't sign them or anything and wrote them like it was coming from a group of the neighbors not just one person.

Well, I think the same maid Jean has that is shirking her duty is doing it at our house too so I better get started!

Have a good Sunday. Susan, hope you didn't get too trapped in your house with the Queen. I swear that hat of hers could have been seen in the dark!

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