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Good morning ladies! It is rainy and very humid and sticky here this morning. I hate even being outside, but today is errand day so I have to get stuff done. Tomorrow is the dreaded commissary and I think Jack is planning on going tomorrow, we shall see.

As light bulbs burn out, we are replacing them with the new fangled ones that are supposed to last 5 years. I don't like them. For one thing they have a balast (sp?) in them like a flourescent so they don't light the minute the switch is turned and I don't think they give out as much light. We aren't supposed to put anything stronger than a 60 watt in anything here in the house the electrician said so I am starting to feel like we are walking around in half dark.

I got stuck in not one but two major traffic jams this morning after buying frozen food stuff from Walmart and figured it would all be soup because most of it was WW ice cream treats, but they seem to be ok. Everyone drives so crazy here when it is wet and so there are always tons of accidents and I got caught up in one and then went the other way to get out of it and got stuck in a big construction project going on the other way. Can't win I guess!

Jean: Poor Jason! I bet the neighbors never pay him. Maybe they will be nice people and willing to pay. I just find people are often jerks about stuff like that where the decision has been made for them.

I bought this cute cotton v-neck white top that has ruching at the bust at Cold Water Creek online. I saved something like $30 on it and it fits gorgeously and looks really cute with jeans. I wore it this morning and got the groceries out of the trunk and it has car gunk all over the bust area now! Dang! I put Shout on it and stuck it in the wash right away, but it can't be dried in the dryer so I guess I will have to go up and get something else to wear for the rest of the day. I am so jazzed I have lost enough weight to at least wear their tops. I have bought 3 so far and they have all fit and fit nicely.

I guess I better get a move on and maybe get some cleaning down this morning. I am not mopping until the rain moves out or I will be doing it over and over again with this icky white linoleum.

Have a great Friday and super weekend!

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