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Default 3 month checkup

Greetings--thought I'd update regarding what happened at my 3-month endocrinologist's appointment. My prolactin level was down to 1.3, which is now below normal. The doctor thought this was too low to allow me to ovulate, and directed me to ease off the bromocriptine to 5 nights a week. He also thought that my complaint of peeling nails was not trivial and indicated to him an estrogen deficiency caused by the bromocriptine and low prolactin. He is testing me again in 2.5 months for progesterone levels and then will decide what to do.

Again, my weight (which remains the same) concerns were brushed aside. He mentioned water bloating due to the low estrogen but kind of looked at me with a shrug regarding weight. I should mention that he is the head of a reproductive endocrinology clinic attached to a large university medical department. I wonder what a "regular" non-specialized endocrinologist would do to address these concerns. Any updates for you others?
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