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Hi Elaine, you are so cute I have had my crazy tricks too. The way I lost it last time was to each a piece of cheese in the morning to start my metabolism then I wouldn't eat a meal till dinner. I would eat like a handful on nuts or another piece of cheese when my stomach got to growling and then I would eat whatever I wanted for dinner (before 6 pm) I noticed after awhile that I needed to eat another piece of cheese or some milk before bed or it would take me a long time to go to sleep. It was killer at first till my stomach shrank, then it was easy. Everyone said " you need to eat more than that" but I wasn't starving myself and what I ate was good for you food. I didn't get to eat much for dinner cause my tummy was small, sometimes I would eat like a 1/2 a subway sandwich or something when my husband wanted to go to lunch with me. Some people find it weird that I would go to lunch with them and only eat like 4 shrimp or nothing at all. So I would try to order a meal and just not eat it all so they didn't feel bad. I felt GREAT... but it is KILLER to get to that point and I wish so badly that I never stopped eating like that! Oh well too late now... 85lbs later Yes I TOTALLY understand about not taking the time to take care of ourselves. We get so absorbed by our family that we never really think about ourselves. I know that is wrong, I know we are supposed to take time out everyday for ourselves, but I don't. There is just TOO MUCH TO DO!!! I feel guilty taking time out selfishly. Wish I had a male mentality and could lay around the couch all day and not feel guilty. I wouldn't lay around the couch but I might join a gym, I won't do that now cause it takes too much time out of my day to use it. I have a treadmill at home, I found one in a garage sale for $75, it's not a fancy one, but it's not bad and when I am able to run again, it should be fast enough. I am proud of myself today, I used the treadmill for 15 min, but I ate like "I was going on a diet tomorrow" if ya' know what I mean. Now who is rambling Have a wonderful evening and I'll chat with you later, Elizabeth
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