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Hi, Elizabeth! Oh, Lordy, can we talk about learning any new weight loss tricks!? I believe I've tried every trick in the book, starting at about age 13 when my best friend talked me into eating nothing but a can of sliced mushrooms for lunch at school for days on end! It' really kind of funny, although pathetic, how many things we try! And really, it's just not fair that our friends aren't cursed with the gene that helps us to store fat so easily in case of a famine, is it? (I really wish I had another talent besides that one!).

The best luck I've ever had losing weight was on the 12-step program in Overeaters Anonymous and the "Weigh Down Workshop" program. Also had quite a bit of luck with hypnosis. I'm not doing much for myself these days, since our son's been having seizures now for about 3 l/2 years. It seems to take all my time and attention to help him. But, soon I'm going to gear up and either start a 12-step group here in town (as some other posters suggested), or use the new hypnosis set I recently purchased.

Do you seem to have a hard time finding the time to focus on yourself? I really don't think I'm making an excuse about this, but maybe I am.? I just keep trying to remember to take it "One Day at a Time" like they say in OA. Life seems so overwhelming at times, but it's a little easier when you don't worry about things that may happen tomorrow!

Guess I'm rambling, I'll sign off. I wish you much luck and success in your weight loss efforts!

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