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I went through something VERY similar. Lost 62lbs on WW and maintained my goal weight for over 2 years. I went through a very depressed and down period and my whole life pretty much apart - I gained everything back (thank you binge food, alcohol & Effexor) and then some.

If you still have issues with depression, please talk to a doctor or counselor to help you through. If you just can't get motivated, start with baby steps. Take a walk for even a few minutes every day. Set small, attainable goals like drinking all your water (or not drinking alcohol on weekdays, for example) one day and eating all your fruits and veg the next.

Journal your thoughts, feelings, triggers, everything. Reach out. So many people are out there and know how you may be feeling and they want to help. 3FC has a blog section here - you can start a blog and write everything you do and feel to get through each day

We are here for you!!!

(my parents live in Rio Rancho... how funny to see you live there! don't worry, you are still anonymous... I'm in the Netherlands anyway!!)

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