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Originally Posted by JerseyGyrl View Post
Funny thing is...I'm Italian and I've never really cared much for pasta! Give me spaghetti squash with low carb alfredo sauce...Yummo!!!!!
Mmmmmmmm, spaghetti squash. I love that stuff.

Originally Posted by lilybelle View Post
LLV, I still use the low-carb whole wheat tortillas
I tried those and didn't like them. I didn't like the texture. So when I have a tortilla (I like wrapping veggies and stuff up in them), which really isn't all that often, I just have a regular flour tortilla.

Originally Posted by lilybelle View Post
I prefer sweet potatoes over white potatoes.
Actually, I do, too. In fact I'm having one for lunch today.

Originally Posted by lilybelle View Post
I still limit peas, corn, rice and almost never have any sugar or white flour. After all the cheese that I ate when I was on Atkins, I've found that I can live without it for now. Someday I might want cheese or eggs again, but not now.
Yes, I imagine one would get a little burned out on something if they ate it too often. I know I've burned myself out on a few foods as well.

To this day I can't look at a carrot stick, LOL.
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