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Originally Posted by JerseyGyrl View Post
You are correct, everyone is different. I eat mainly veggies & salad. For me, keeping my carbs between 25-30 has worked very well. I've completely cut out bread, potato's, rice, pasta, sugar, caffeine and although Atkins allows it, I limit cheese to probably less than 1 oz a day (I found it stalls me). I drink a lot of water...128 oz a day. I try to avoid snacks. I realize everyone is not this strict works for me!!
That's right, it's whatever works for you

As long as you don't feel you're depriving yourself. I definitely couldn't do that. And I'll admit, there's no way I could live without pasta and potatoes. Rice? Meh, you can have it. And I really don't eat potatoes all that often. Not white potatoes, anyway. I eat a lot of sweet potatoes. But live without pasta? Eeeek! I'd end up in a straight jacket!
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