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Hi GotWorkToDo:

I totally relate about the roommate thing-- my roommate freshman year was about 90 lbs soaking wet and lived on double bacon cheeseburgers. I thought that if she could do it-- so could I-- and by the end of my soph. year I weighed 265-- the people you live with have a major influence on your habits-

You sound a lot like me, in that you are a sugar eater-- that's where my problems/cravings are-- I will eat beautifully all day long, but when faced with a cake-- it's all over (my biggest weakness is Pancakes, actually-- I havn't had them in almost 8 weeks--- HUGE thing.) I digress-- What plan are you on? I suggest trying something like South Beach that is aimed at reducing sweet cravings-- if you can stick to phase 1 for 2 weeks, you will be amazed at how you're not interested in those sweet things as much. Be careful not to deny yourself the occasional treat, though-- life is short enjoy cake -- but keep the goal in mind. Watch out for that purging stuff you mensioned, too-- that's an easy trap to fall into..

We're here for you !! You've got this, girl !!!!!


...because there's always more mediums on the clearence rack. :-)

Mini-goal: To be the weight I was when I met my hubby, by summer!
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