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Hi Gotworktodo, being in college can be so tough. I am finally graduating but my first semester I moved to Tempe and went to ASU. I definitely gained the freshmen 15! I got up to 140, even though that is still still small, that was the most I ever weighed. I totally relate to you because living in the dorms was terrible with all the skinny girls. Don't worry abotu those naturally skinny girls its their genes and usually they dont even eat. I am just not naturally thin and really have to try hard to lose weight and keep it off. The dorm food was a disaster and I worked out so hard, but it didn't work. My bestfriend also gained weight while we were out there so at least I had someone to complain to. Try not to get discouraged. I think when you think about eating healthy rather than worryign abtou weight it helps a bit. I know its hard not to see results right away, but keep trying it will pay off. Maybe you can look into a gym or center that does weight loss competitions. There is one in my area called the Challenge and it is amazing I think I am going to join this fall. It's nice to do it with other people to keep you encouraged. If you want to see what I am talking about it is There are people in their 50's and 60's who do it and they really see changes in your body. I am only 22 and know if they can do it I can too. Good luck!
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