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I have a full sleeve tat on my right arm and am working on getting my left sleeve colored in. I also have other various tattoos. When I lost the weight, the tattoos didn't get altered at all (except looking smaller ). In fact, I think they actually looked better after they shrank because they looked like they had tons of detail hahaha

I got the right sleeve done when I was at my goal weight before. Nothing changed about it when I gained weight back (70 lbs). I've lost 40 of those, and there hasn't been anything about the tat that has changed. I'm still in the middle of losing and I'm in the middle of getting the left sleeve done. So, I would say don't wait for those tattoos!!!

A side note about piercings - Any piercing that goes through your skin and is not on your ear will eventually push itself out. Sometimes people get lucky and it doesn't, but most of the time it does. Some people aren't aware of this, so just wanted to let you know! Your body treats it as a foreign object and over time (years) will push it out.

rock chalk chick - nice tat! Eventually I want to get a tattoo to symbolize my survivorship, and I decided on a rising phoenix. it's going to be huge though and cover just about my whole back up to where the birds and nautical star are

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