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Originally Posted by Rock Chalk Chick View Post

My aunt, on the other hand, has one daughter who took after her father - aunt is a tall, thin runner, while her daughter is 5 inches shorter and with a much rounder build. Even though my aunt tried to make "supportive" comments when my cousin made healthy choices or lost some weight, it still gave a very clear message that the girl was too fat and needed to lose weight (and is still obsessing over her "chubby" shape in college). She never criticized her or told her she was too heavy, but by praising her for turning down a cookie or asking "isn't it time for your run?" it still seemed to drill in the fact that she wasn't good enough.
That sounds like my aunt, except mine is tall and overweight. Her daughter, my cousin is 20 and has a similar shape and my aunt is obessing over her shape.
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