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You currently weigh 123 pounds by your ticker, so I have a few questions:

How old is your daughter? What size were the pants? About how tall are you, and how tall is she? Is she built like you, or more like another woman in the family-a grandmother, etc.?

For instance, my mother is about 5'3"-5'4" and is more of a cylindar body shape-she carries her weight in her torso (chest, belly, and hips) while her arms and legs stay pretty lean. I am an hourglass, and my height is 5'7" and I am more hourglass shaped. My mother wears a size 6 shoe, and I wear a 9. I take after my two grandmothers more, and my mother takes after her aunts instead.

It is not uncommon at all for a daughter to be shorter/taller than her mother, or larger or smaller framed, or even have a different body shape, if she takes after another woman in the family rather than her mother. I wore the same clothes as my mother in junior high and my freshman year, but from then on I was larger than her-taller, larger cup size in my bra, larger shoe size, etc.

That would be the first thing that I would say to her. If you have a sister, for instance, or another mother/daughter that you know well-you could use them as examples. "Charlotte is only 16, and already she is taller than her mother, etc."

This is what I would say if your daughter isn't "overweight" for her size, but maybe she is just going to be larger or taller overall than you are.

My young stepsister was depressed going through puberty, etc. because all of her friends were wearing size 3 and 5, and she wore size 7's instead. Her mother (my stepmother) is 5'11" tall, and my sis was shaped/sized more like her mother. She didn't get quite as tall as her, but at 5'8", she is going to be thin and healthy at a size or two larger than her short, petite friends.

On the other hand, if she is beginning to become overweight-I wouldn't preach to her. Do small things, like ask her to go for a walk with you, or take a dance class together. Do something for the two of you that incorporates activity, and fun/togetherness. I have 3 sets of teen daughters/their mothers in my dance classes currently-and I think that it is wonderful.

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