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I'm so glad i found this thread! I'm a 29yr old mom of an 8 eight old boy.. Jacob. He's wonderful. This is the greatest year yet. But before I get into that..

Michelle - I'm not sure how to make the thumb sucking pass. Unfortunately I was one myself until I was about 25 years old. My teeth are perfect though thank the stars!!:-) My mom tried everything. I mean everything. Grounding, doctors, counseling, the works. I just had to make up my own mind. (my db says at night while i'm sleeping i still do it but i can't do a thing about that!) Never did it in public just nighttime. I do know that making a huge deal of it (at least with me) made me want it all the more. Hope that helps a little.

Anyway back to the greatest achievement of my life. He's so handsome. And can be so caring. And probably the best helper ever. I never thought we would get to this stage of him listening and helping. But we did. Everyone told me when i had him to be careful of the terrible twos... Two was a breeze! We hit three wide open! And it lasted till 6! Very strong willed. Teachers were complaining and suggesting medications. We did go to some counseling last year but basically found out that i was over teaching him. He is very smart. And easily bored. And unfortunately in a public school because there is no way i can afford better. This year i didn't make that mistake and he's excited about school. He has a hard time making friends though. He's always around adults and is the only child on either side. So he tries to brag a little or be tough. And will latch on to any friendship possible. For instance, a little girl next door isn't really who i want him to be friends with. She's beaten him with a hard baby doll (thank god he didn't hit back and when i asked him why he cried and said "cuz she's a girl mommy!" I was so proud!) let him take the blame for things she's done, told him she couldn't be his friend at school but could if the other neighbors weren't home, and is just plain mean. I like kids, don't get me wrong, but her parents just let her go wild. He still cries to play with her. And i think truly would cry to play with any child close by if he knew of any. So he sticks with mommy mostly. We garden and he has his own plot of land he gardens. We love our dogs. Two pitbulls, one male (Fluffy) one female (Tipsy). They would lick someone to death before harm them. And that is about it. We work, school, eat, sleep and play. And I'm loving it.


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