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Gotworktodo: I know what it's like to have roomates who are oblivious to their weight and the foods they eat. It is very discouraging and hard when you are trying to be healthy. It was when I moved to college that I gained all of the weight. I'm not blaming my roomates because I was the one that was in control of what I put in my mouth, but it just makes it extra tough when you have people around you bringing you down. I'm going to be honest, it wasn't until I moved home and changed my environment that I started losing the weight. However, I didn't have the support of this website until then either. This site is amazing and I really believe that you can be succesful with the support you will find on here. When there are people around me that are oblivious to their weight and the foods they put in their mouth I just like to think of it as if I have a secret that they don't know about. While your roomates are eating that greasy mcdonalds and you are eating a nice green salad, and they say "man, I bet you want a french frie right about now." just laugh, because you are the one that is benefiting, you are the one that is on the road to a beautiful, healthy body. It's all about your mindset girl. Keep it positive and change your lifestyle for the right reasons. I'm rooting for you and so are hundreds of other girls just like you.
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