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Hello ladies...I have enjoyed reading all of your posts and successes (and failures ) I am going through most of the same. I am a college student at the UA in Tucson AZ and I have been having such a rough time with my self esteem and my weight being the primary cause of the emotional rollercoaster. At one point in college while I was living in the dorms, I was a work-out-a-holic. I used to see those skinny girls in my dorm who were just naturally skinny, how skinny was so promoted as beauty, and the need to feel beautiful and it turned me into this even more overweight moster of a person. I feel right now like I need a miracle to keep me accountable and motivated. I've tried and bought so many useless things that it's really caused me to think that this is an impossible task.

Yet I see you ladies; dropping a pound is something to celebrate and I want to celebrate my own successes right along with you. I'm tired of being the big girl, of feeling hungry all of the time because my mind wants me to eat and fail and my heart doesn't. I feel icky when I eat that bowl of ice cream, yet feel like I'm missing out on something when I don't eat it.

I have roommates who are oblivious about their hunger and weight. Its something that they are not bogged down all day with. I think of my weight all day and I am tired of it. I want results and I am going to work hard at it. I just need you. I need your friendship and support because it's something that I am not getting at home.

Let me know of motivation that has kept you on task and I will be diligent to take it to heart and to consider it on my own journey.

I will refuse the cake, ice cream and the sweets that I am so susceptible to binge and purge on.
I will be conscious that I am on a journey and it is through my daily choices that any type of loss will occur.
I will heed advice and use food not for comfort but for nourishment.

Thanks ladies and I look forward to reading your replies soon!
I can do this!![url=]

My Minigoal: Eat vegetables at each meal and keep daily calorie intake under 1500.
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