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Default New and Frustrated

Hi I'm new to the blog and in search of some answers. I may ramble on a bit but I greatly appreciate any support or advice. I have always struggled with my weight and can put it on fairly quick. If you saw me you'd laugh because I am fairly tiny, but my weight goes up and down constantly. I have been fluctuating from about 133 to 129 for a while now and my ideal weight is anywhere from 120-125. Its not much weight to lose, but I have the hardest time getting it off since I don't have much to lose. I really enjoy the South Beach Diet and think it works wonderfully, but I get tired of it after a while and it's hard when you are on a school and work schedule. I use to be able to take the weight off easily, but now it's just hard and frustrating and it's stressign me out which I don't want. If anyone has any words of wisdom or advice to maybe make me feel encouraged again I would appreciate it so much, thanks!
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