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Thumbs down this is really rediculous ... just to try and sign up

If you read my post below on what do I do now you know whats going on already.

I could not sign up online due to my postal code when i tried to get the stuff shipped to me they would not let me procede.

I called this 1 800 331-# and got the girl at the center thats over a hour away. SHe told me if the center close to me does not offer a online set up then I am out of luck chuck basiclly ! they don't offer that so i can not do it i guess.

She told me call customer service to get some help from them , they maybe able to do something. I asked for the number and she said , we don't a customer service number to give you for that . She said , we are a franchise and so there is no number to give you. if there is no number to give me why tell me to call customer service

What in the [email protected]*! , I have never seen anything like it in my life.

(Here i am ready to fork over money for a program and I can not find anyone to sign me up to do it.) She said well this requires you to go to a center. I told her well its right here on line that I can do it . It was clear she knew nothing about the online part at first
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