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Feifer-Welcome. I’m originally from Oklahoma, and since you’re in Texas, I can imagine that you grew up eating in the same kinds of food. I used to describe it as the all bacon grease Okie diet. You aren’t alone. Humiliation has been my constant companion for most of my life. Just hop in, and I hope you find what you need here.

Jenn & Amanda & Terry-Welcome also.

Amanda-I find that I am practically the energizer bunny when I am working my program well, especially getting my exercise in. I did 60 minutes this morning, including 400 situps, and was wasted afterwards, but now 90 minutes later, I can hardly sit still long enough to type. When I go off for a few days, I get so tired, I can hardly get out of bed. Once you get past the first few days, it is actually easier to stay on than to go off and on. When your knees are weak, our shoulders are strong, and we will be there for you. Just take baby steps, and don’t give up, and you will start to have more energy, I promise.

Misti-My foster sons could never understand why I wouldn’t let them wear their little league t-shirts anywhere but the ball field. The always wanted to wear them to school or out and about. They had their name on the back. It is such a simple thing, but if a stranger comes up and calls them by name, they assume they aren’t strangers. The world just seems like such a scarier place than it was when we were kids.

Ammi-When my husband loses something big on the computer, I just ask him if he’s been talking nice enough to the computer lately. When I was reading up on that story, it said that the mother had basically given the daughter permission to lay low. I wonder if she was worried the dad would flay her alive.

Sharon-I’m pretty sure digital cameras put 40 pounds on you just like a TV camera does.

Peggy-better to come home to TOM than having to take him with you on vacation. I hate that.

Donna-You probably could take you Superintendent. When someone asks me if I’m afraid to walk home from church in this neighborhood after dark, I reply that the prostitutes don’t weigh 100 pounds soaking wet, so what are they going to do to me? I was mugged once in college, and as soon as he regained consciousness, I had him arrested.

Since we have so many new people, I thought it might be a good time to re-run the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Dieters. This is from the National Weight Control Registry at the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado. In order to join the registry, you have to have lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off for a year. Most have lost much more and kept it off for 3 years before registering.
1) Expect failures, but keep trying.
2) Don’t deny yourself.
3) Weigh yourself often. (Most obese people haven’t weighed themselves in over 3 years. I know I was like that, and was always shocked at how much heavier I was than I thought.)
4) Do serious planned exercise. (To stick with it, make it convenient, affordable, and something you enjoy. Doing a 10 minute exercise video at home is better than having a gym membership that you never use)
5) Add little bits of physical activity into your daily routine. (Yep that’s the use the stairs and park further away one.)
6) Low fat/high carbo diet. (Any diet that you can stick to will work, but over 70% of the registers had used this one to success.)
7) Eat five meals a day. (It keeps you from ever getting hungry, and it makes your blood sugar more regulated. It also shrinks your stomach so that if you do binge, it hurts at a lower amount of food)

The good news is they also found that once you have kept the weight off for 3 years, it becomes much easier to maintain. Most of the registers had also yo-yo dieted for years before getting on the winning track. Half of them lost weight without help from anyone, so if you can’t afford to join a weight loss group or plan, you can still be successful. Sixty percent of them reported a family history of obesity, and 66% of them were chubby as kids. So even if you have always been overweight, and everyone in your family is, and you are poor, you can still succeed. That should take care of all excuses. Just remember that basically it is the simplest thing in the world – eat less, move more. It may be simple, but it isn’t easy. You have to take it one step at a time, and never give up.

Have a great day everyone.
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