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Hi Again,

OK I am typing this in WORD so THIS time I know I wonít lost the thing I just had a nice cool shower after my work out. You know I donít mind the physical exertion when it comes to working out, in fact I love feeling my muscles work, BUT I really canít stand sweating. For me that is the worst part of exercising! Anybody else feel the same way or am I just weird ?

Kim - thank you for the positive vibes, I think we all need them.

Annie - so pleased to see you posting though I didnít expect to hear from you on here quite so soon. I thought you might like to catch your breath first after all those visitors

Catherine - I really should read or watch the news a bit more shouldnít I. Itís coming to something when a friend in Canada is telling me about a news story from over here It is dreadful what happened to that coupleís home, no wonder the daughter has gone into hiding!!!

33tekfan - good for you for still being determined to start your weight loss journey despite knowing that already you have some challenges coming up. Sounds like you have it all under control though with your planning to drink plenty and walk a lot too.

Brenda - I wonder when you had hidden that chocolate out of harms way!! Shame you found it again, but hey, itís gone now and hopefully your sweet tooth will stay appeased for a while

Feifer - hello and I think we all appreciate how much it helps to find a place like this where people know exactly how we feel and can share the ups and downs of life as a big person, and of our weight loss journeys. I have been on and off diets all my adult life and up until I found this place I never enjoyed much success with my weight loss. Now though I have lost my first 100 lbs and am looking forward to losing at least half that again

Jenn1993 - Glad you found us. on your marvellous weight loss so far, you should be feeling proud of yourself! I totally understand the question ď whatís the 2 steps forward, 1 step back thingĒ itís crazy isnít it. We lose some weight, we feel great, we need to lose more but then we start to struggle. I donít know if you have seen the thread Heather (Wyllen) started about Losing 100 then struggling, if you havenít I think you should go have a read of the posts there. A few of us are trying to understand why the struggle begins when we have done so well. One thing I have found that helps me keep going is making sure I set myself mini goals. I think a perfect one for you would be 9 lbs. In 9 lbs time you will be out of the 300s and into the 200s and you will feel fantastic

Amanda - glad to see you posting in the weekly thread How are you doing so far today with staying OP? All I would say is to try not to be too hard on yourself if you waver at all, and donít give up or feel like a failure if you do eat a little more than you planned. Still do your exercise, still keep going, it will make staying on track tomorrow that bit easier, and then the next day and the next etc

You asked if people who have lost any weight have also found they have more energy, the answer for me is yes, yes yes Even going from 329 to 299 made a huge difference to me, to how much I could do, how much I WANTED to do. Now being at 226 itís amazing the difference in me. I joined a gym, I want to walk everywhere rather than get the bus, I can clean my house in one go rather than do one room a day. I am sure as you lose the lbs you will find that energy you are looking for, it makes sense doesnít it, our bodyís donít have to work as hard just to move around, so of course you are going to have some more energy then

Sue - OK I understand where you are coming from and I shall keep quiet

Sandy - you will be reading this after you get home from the docs appt. I hope that it all went OK and you didnít hear anything you didnít want to

Peggy - thatís great news that you had a totally off plan week, thoroughly enjoyed yourself and still came home 1 lb lighter You have just go to love weeks like that

I am not sure if I told you before, but if not, I enjoyed seeing your pictures on the picture page, and you can see such a big difference between the first and last set of photos. You are obviously doing something very right well done and thank you for posting the pics.

Donna - Iím sorry you had a bit of a down weekend, but I am proud of you for ďpulling up your big girl pantiesĒ and getting back on track. We will often fall or jump off the wagon but as long as we know we have to get back on it and we donít just quit then we are definitely going in the right direction! today with keeping on track

E - great to see you on the weekly thread, and I did read your most recent one on your coming back with a different name thread too. You certainly have a lot to deal with right now, not least of all being so far away from Mr Hawk. Is that him in the photo with you on the pic page, you make a great looking couple. Anyway my friend with everything especially getting back on track with your weight loss journey

Okie dokie I best go write some emails now, but I am sure Iíll be back later,



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