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Fast Forward and Take Off last for two days.


The purpose of the Fast Forward weight loss program is to assist your body in reaching the optimum chemical balance so that, when the next phase of your program begins, you will lose weight in the fastest, safest, and most enjoyable way possible.

Changing food composition can promote quick weight loss, decrease bloating, improve energy, and minimize hunger.

Use this menu for two days during the Fast Forward weight loss phase. Select your foods from the list below.


Unlimited proteins

Unlimited raw, green vegetables

16oz Fast Forward drink mixed with 16 oz water; sip throughout the day (Refrigerate drink bottle after opening)

¼- ½ tsp Morton Lite Salt

Water – eight 8oz glasses (Perrier, seltzer water, or mineral water may be substituted)

NO OTHER FOODS SHOULD BE USED DURING THIS PHASE – avoid eating bread, pasta, milk, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, peas and corn, and condiments (relish and ketchup). Additional foods will be introduced in the next phase of your program.

Feel free to use butter, margarine, or oil (any type) in preparing your foods. Use oil and vinegar, LA Salad Dressings, or light salad dressings on your salads.


Protein Choices – Unlimited

Can be consumed with skin, but no breading


Arm roast, chuck roast, club steak, filet mignon, flank steak, ground meat, round steak, rump roast, sirloin steak, T-bone steak

Chicken and Turkey
Breast, drumsticks, ground, thighs, wings


If you choose to have eggs, please limit to 2 per day

Egg Substitute

Plain varieties, such as plain Egg Beaters

Chop, crown roast, cubed, flank, loin


Beef, calf, chicken




Fish: bluefish, calamari, cod, crayfish, flounder, grouper, haddock, halibut, king mackerel, lake perch, mahi mahi, orange roughy, pike, Pollock, red snapper, salmon, scrod, sea bass, sole striped bass, swordfish, tilapia, trout, tuna (fresh or canned, packed in water only), walleye, whitefish, yellow tail
Shellfish: clams, crab, lobster, mussels, oysters, scallops, shrimp


Chop, cubed, cutlet, rump

Vegetarian Proteins

Seiten – 4 oz per serving
Soy cheese – 3 slices (approximately 2 oz) per serving
Tofu – 1 cup (8oz) per serving

Vegetable Choices – Unlimited

Use fresh, raw vegetables or steamed vegetables

Asparagus, bok choy, broccoli, celery, collard greens, cucumbers, endive, escarole, green beans, green cabbage, green onions/scallions, green peppers, iceberg lettuce, kale, romaine lettuce, spinach, string beans, swiss chard, zucchini

Other Choices

You may also include…

Artificial Sweetener – up to 3 packets per day
Cheese, park skim, reduced fat, light – 2 slices per day (great for omelets!)
Cream cheese, light – 1 Tbsp. per day (great for dipping vegetables!)
Creamer, fat free, non dairy – 1 Tbsp per day (Great for coffee!)
Mayonnaise, light – 1 Tbsp. per day (Great for salads!)
Mustard, brown, dijon, spicy – 1 Tbsp. per day (Great tasting!)
Seasonings – any seasoning may be used to enhance the flavor of food as long as it contains no sugar or salt


Coffee or tea, caffeinated – up to two 6 oz cups per day
Coffee of tea, decaffeinated – unlimited
Diet soda – up to 24 oz per day
Hot fresh lemon water – up to 2 cups per day this acts as a natural diuretic to relieve a full or bloated feeling)


This menu is a sample to help you plan your own menu. To have an enjoyable and successful Fast Forward weight loss program experience, choose foods from the list that you like best.


Fast Forward drink
Cheese omelet – ½ cup Egg Beaters, 2 slices light American cheese, sprinkle with a portion of Morton Lite Salt
Coffee or tea with Splenda and fat free, non-dairy creamer

Mid-Morning Snack

Fast Forward drink
Raw, green vegetables dipped in salad dressing
Rotisserie chicken breast, skin removed


Large tossed green salad with salad dressing
Tuna salad – tuna (canned, water packed) with 1 Tbsp light mayonnaise

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Fast Forward Drink
Cucumbers, sprinkle with a portion of Morton’s Lite Salt
Hard boiled egg, sliced


Fast Forward Drink
Sirloin steak, grilled
Large tossed green salad with salad dressing
Asparagus, sautéed, sprinkle with remainder portion of Morton’s Lite Salt

Evening Snack

Raw, green celery and cucumbers dipped in salad dressing


I bought two bottles of Knudsens Breakfast Blend juice (1 for each day). You mix 26 oz of juice, 6 oz of water, and 8 tsp of Benefiber.

6 oz. of the same protein
2c. raw GREEN veggies or 1c. cooked
2 LA Lites
16 oz. TO Juice (You add 16 oz. water to it)
no more than 2 6 oz. cups of caffienated coffee

The paper suggests this:

Breakfast - 2 oz. protein; 6 oz. coffee
Mid-Morning - LL; 6oz. coffee
Lunch - 2 oz. protein; 1C. green veggie
Mid-Afternoon - LL
Dinner - 2 oz. protein; 1C. green veggie

Here's specifically what I did:
Breakfast - 2 oz. chicken; 2c. Decaf Blueberry Herbal Tea w/1 pkt. Splenda
Mid-Morning - LL
Lunch - 2 oz. chicken; 1 c. romaine w/Wishbone Salad Spritzer (15 sprays)
Mid-Afternoon - LL
Dinner - 2 oz. chicken; 1 c. broccoli; 1 c. No Sodium Chicken Broth (this helped me to feel full and had 10 calories)

I broiled 2 chicken breasts with McCormick No-Salt chicken seasoning on Monday morning, and then I cut them into 2 oz. portions. For dinner, I added the same seasoning to the veggies and stir fried in Pam over the stove, and then added the 2 oz. chicken after the veggies had cooked a little, so that it was all heated together. And I added a little bit of No Sodium Chicken Broth to the mixture for some moisture and flavor
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