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Eating for two!
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What are my trigger foods? Pretty much anything I have to be VERY careful of what I keep in my house. Fast food is definitely a problem (once I start on that beast, I can have as much as 2 huge fast food meals a day and still want more, so I avoid it). Anything that can be eaten in large quantities is a problem. I can't buy containers of ice cream (not even "healthier" versions, like no sugar added, fat free, or frozen yogurt) because I will eat the entire half gallon in maybe 3 days (if it lasts even that long). I can't buy bags of potato chips (not even ones with healthy oils or baked varieties) for the same reason. No snacks of any kind, really. Even the 100-calorie junk food packs--I'll end up eating multiple packs at a time instead of just 1. The reason I'm a binge eater is that I'm a compulsive eater. If it's there, I will eat it. Period. Even if it's not all that yummy--anything I know I shouldn't have more than one serving of at a time, I will think about it and think about it until I've eaten it all.

My kitchen can no longer contain prepared foods. I have lots of ingredients, but no quick and easy things to grab and eat. I do buy soy crisps for my fiance, but I don't like them that much (and he always offers me one, but I will never take it because I know that even though they're not my favorite, if I have 1, I will eat a whole bag). I also buy frozen pizzas for him, but only the "supreme" variety that have mushrooms, onions, and peppers on it, all of which I hate, so I won't eat it
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