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Default I Now Know My Trigger Foods!

I am addicted to Fast Food. Every time I quit fast food I go through serious withdrawls, and the last time in January, I went without fast food for a month. I allowed myself one splurge a month and it worked out very well! However, when I eat my trigger foods, I can't stop eating. I will go and eat it several times a day for days and days. I will eat anything I can get my hands on. I lose absolute control.

We just got our kitchen remodeled so we were without a proper kitchen for 6 weeks. That meant 6 weeks of eating nothing but gross and unhealthy foods. I've ballooned up to 200 pounds and this is it. I was walking 4 miles a day, eating pretty well, and I now have a kitchen again and I will be better equipped to succeed!

I hope that I can find strength in all of the stories here, and together we can all make our dreams come true. Being fat is very hard for me, and I really must be careful as I have had eating disorders for 17 years (started when I was 11). I want to be a good influence on my 7 year old daughter and I want to be able to inspire people and help others. I know that I am a binger because I am meant to help people like myself. It;s hard to remember that I was once 125 pounds and my NOW EX told me that I could stand to lose five pounds. Instead I gained 80 during my pregnancy and gained another 20 after he left me for being fat. Best thing he ever did for me!

This is all very hard, but I know I can do it. My trigger food is a poison. A poison that must be avoided. I CAN do it!

What are all of your trigger foods? I'm lucky in that I don't like sweets and such, but fast food is all around me all the time, so that's pretty hard!
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