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Hi to Lynn and welcome Northrnlite,

I was interested to hear both of your comments on all this. I am not sure exactly what my weight progress has been since the bromocriptine therapy began. I do get on the scale several times a week, but I feel like it jumps all over the place. I can say I am sure I have not gained since the drug began. I was out walking today and my sweatpants fell off, so that must mean something. Luckily, we're having a cold snap here in Louisville and I had a coat on. Yikes.

I weigh in the same range as both of you, but I'm 5'7". I have not read any comparisons of bromocriptine vs. other drugs and their weight loss efficacy. I find it odd, though, that when one googles bromocriptine, it is often cited on off-market drug sites, or on anti-aging websites, as a weight loss aid. It perplexes me. The endocrinologist was very uninterested in my weight loss questions. I am going back in 3 weeks and will try again to ask. He was mainly concerned with the effects of unchallenged estrogen before the prolactinoma was discovered. Also, to be frank, and not to in any way diminish the concerns of the 300+lbs. women who rely on this website, but I felt that because I was not one of the 300-400 lb. women in the waiting room, my concerns were seen as sort of trivial. My ob/gyn said this outright. I find the treatment of our shared problem to be a lonely place. I'm glad we're sharing on this site!
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