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Unhappy Prolactinoma and weight gain

Hi - I was so glad to find this site. Now maybe I can prove to my family that I'm not just gaining weight because I eat too much or am lazy!! My whole family - mom, sister, brother... are all thin, thin, thin. I had been all my life except a short time in my 20's when I first developed my pituitary tumor. It was surgically removed and the weight came off. 15 years later, it grew back and now in the last 8 years I've gained 60 lbs!! I work out consistantly and diet and the best I'm ever able to lose is 4 or 5 lbs which comes right back if I even eat a dinner out! Sometimes I just gain even when I'm REALLY working out a lot or dieting!! I'm taking bromocriptine and wondering if any of you know if there is a difference in weight gain when taking the bromocriptine vs other meds ??(Dostinex) It is so depressing - I don't know how long I'll keep gaining!! Of course if I tell anyone how the pituitary tumor affects my weight - they look at me - oh right - thats what they all say!! My prolactin level has been way down under 20 for a long time but it doesn't seem to matter. Anyone have some cheery information??
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