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My stepson John works at McDonalds - they will custom anything for you.
I get the side salad with the grilled chicken breast and dressing.. all that for 192 calories, 5 grams fat, 25 protein... all for $2! yahoo.
I will eat it like a snack - so I won't feel left out when I take the kids - mostly to play when we pick up John from work. I will also bring pretzels and a piece of fruit.

I also get fazoli's: sm whole wheat penne w/ chicken, broccoli and spicy marinara sauce... it's huge (they call it a small.. but it's big!!) 595 calories - which is a lot.. but for fast food... it's not. It's sooo good. 6.5 fat and 36 protein. It really is a great choice!

Subway.. 6" cheese steak... yumm-o! 360 calories 10 grams fat, 24 protein. I know that turkey would be better for me.. and I do get that. But... if I'm going out to eat.. and it doesn't happen that often.. I'm getting steak!

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