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All these tips are great, the one I cannot stress enough is water. WW says to drink 6-8 glasses a day, but that is a minimum, a personal trainer once told me that to lose weight you should drink 16 glasses a day (and for every cup of coffee it takes 2 glasses of water make up for it). Now I know this sounds like a lot of water but trust me if you can do it its worth it. I drink 12-16 glasses a day, I have lost 75 pounds since may 2002, and the weeks I drank more water I lost more and on the flipside the weeks I didn't concentrate on drinking I lost less or none at all. It is especially important to drink lots of water if you splurge a little on the food (ie. Christmas, Valentines, Easter), you still have to watch your calorie intake, but lots of water can help to balance it out. There are lots of keys to the success of weight loss, you have to pick the ones that work for you.
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