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Templebody, you come here as often or as infrequently as YOU want to. What ever you think would benefit you most. As for OA, good luck to you. I hope you get the results you are after.

Carols2, when making a lifestyle change there are going to be some "inconvieninces". But they are so worth it. I found it much, much more "inconvienient" to be so terribly overweight and to keep putting myself at risk for deadly diseases. It is a choice that we have to make. It says that you just finished week 1, I can tell you this, it gets much, much easier as you go along. You will be come much more accostomed to your new way of life and it won't seem as much as a hassle. You will eventually come to love and enjoy and be thankful for your new lifestyle. The rewards are spectacular. As far as vitamins and supplements, I'm not sure what or why you are taking them. But do know that many, many people change they're lifestyle without taking them. Perhaps just 1 multivitamin a day.
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