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Default It's true, any exercise will do

Hi everyone. I'm just finding my way around, having stumbled onto this wonderful sight last night. I was a regular gym-goer (3x / week plus Richard Simmons DVDs in between) for a couple of years, then for some reason dropped off. I've been fighting a depression now, off work for nearly 4 months, and I know that exercise would help, it's just getting motivated that's hard. The gym was the only place I felt comfortable. At ~350 pounds I find being in public (walking, for example) terrifying. I've had some nasty nasty encounters in the past that have jaded me, I'm afraid. At my local Curves I felt completely comfortable for the first time in my life. I've made the first steps, joining an organic home delivery service and going back to the gym for the first time in nearly a year. I have noooo muscles right now, and very little energy, but I figure if I only do 1 (of 3) times around the circuit at 1/4 speed, it's still moving, and slowly slowly the stamina and strength will return. It wasn't easy, having gained back all the weight that they'd watch me lose, but now driven to lift the depression, I hope I've found the willpower. I know that if I can keep it up for a month, the routine will be instilled back into me. We need those endorphins to be flowing again to lighten the depression, and any movement will help.
April's exercise goal...

Hugs all around!
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