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Default Need Some Advice...

Ok so my boyfriend and I are still living with his parents, unfortunatly, were trying as hard as we can to save up enough money to get out, were hoping July 1 will be the day we finally get out of here, it's getting hard though b/c my boyfriend is between jobs, he is working as a temp right now through a placement agency so we have no idea how long that will last, and not many places around here are hiring, I've had tons of interviews but no job yet..but I'm still looking, and both of his parents arn't working either, his mom quit her job 6 months or more ago and hasn't found anything else either, his stepdad isn't working much either, but its closer to summer now so more places should start hiring. boyfriend is working afternoons, and his mom asked me to go for a walk on wednesday, I find it hard to say no to her or just tell her I'd rather not b/c I don't want to piss her off and she wouldn't just say "ok that's fine" she'd ask why not and try to talk me into I figured what could it hurt? and I said sure...I was so scared she would try to talk to me about recent problems going on here or get answers out of me about things that we'd rather her not know, I figured this was her way of trying to talk to me without my boyfriend around..but she didn't, it was fine, so I agreed to go again on thursday...

Well thursday didn't go so well, she started to ask some questions, and decided to stick her nose where it doesn't belong and offer advice I really didn't care for, by saying that she thinks my boyfriend and I need therapy and that that we both have issues were not dealing with. I know she may think she is just trying to help, but I didn't really appreciate it..she has no idea what I've been through, and whether or not I've dealt with it, and she made it sound as if everything that has happened here is our fault, and were the only ones with problems to deal with.

Our problem, is them. We are both so stressed out just trying to get jobs and save money, and his parents keep harping on us for EVERYTHING...his mom thinks that everything we do is their business, but yet everything they do is none of our business, and were causing them nothing but grief...they say that we eat all the food in the house, yet we buy food for me to eat, and my boyfriend pretty much lives off of cigarettes and coca-cola, the only meal we eat that is "their food" is dinner, and that is when his mom makes something, they pretty much blame us for their bills, trying to get more money from us to help pay their bills, but they expect us to save money and move out too. Everytime we get a little money saved up, my boyfriend will lose his job and then we have to use some of the money we have saved to pay our own bills and they still expect room and board so then were back to the beginning everytime he gets a new job..

I just don't really want to go for walks with her, not b/c I don't want to walk, I like to walk, and I'm always asking my boyfriend to go for walks with me, but I just don't want to go with her, I know that every walk she is just going to try and give me more "advice" and ask more questions to try and get answers from me b/c she knows I won't say "It's none of your business" I wish I could...I just can't...I'm afraid of pissing her off and having his parents have more to harp at us about...It's just really ackward and weird but I don't know how to get out of it...
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