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Good Afternoon AGAIN~~I don't seem to be getting in here until afternoon anymore. I guess as long as I make it in it's good. I'm just getting so organized here you wouldn't believe it. I just put up a cork board beside my puter so I can put things up there that I need to remember but can' I printed out all the little faces so I would use them more, since I write out of my outlook express.....see just had to glance over and see what to type. Maybe I will learn them if I use them enough. I'm having a good day. Had or have a problem with one of my fish. Goldie...A Platy was acting funny this morning so I put her in a net basket so the other fish couldn't bother her. She is having babies, but I thank she is having a problem with it, she isn't acting too well. I only seen one of them and the next time I looked it was gone, she's had lunch. What a bad mom, she should feel bad. I'm having a good time with this little camera, I'll just have to get some good pics of my fish tank and show you all.

Jo Jo~~ I was here yesterday, I was just living in a state of confusion. I started the thread and then when I got ready to reply I replied to the wrong thread. It is very good that dh found a job so fast. Men have a need to feel like they are the main money maker for the family. You know men, they are strange little fellows. The time off would have been nice, but he will be more satisfied working. I just got a plain ol keyboard. I was so glad when they decided to give the Canadian's a gold medal too. They won it.

Tobey~~ I don't thank I mentioned it to you yesterday but I was wanting the little couple from Canada win the skating, I got so mad when they got the silver. They will get lots of money now though. Now it's going to be a different story when the girls hockey game is played between US and Canada. By the way I checked out the link you posted and I tried to send it and it wouldn't let me. I will try again, it's really cute and a good thing.

I'm trying to do some sewing so I better get back at it. Have a great week end girls. I am!!!!
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