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Default And here I am again.

Well, I've had a hiatus. A bad one. I fell off the bandwagon. I was doing soooo well. I got down to the lowest weight I had ever been in YEARS. Then chocolate became my best friend once my boyfriend left on deployment overseas. In two weeks we will be halfway through this deployment and I know that I'm not feeling myself. I feel lazy and overweight. I used to feel fabulous and I'm on the swing to get it back!!

So here I am. I gained back all the weight I lost, and even 2 extra pounds. My problem? Sweets. Give me chocolate over anyyyyything. Baked goods- I can never have enough. I have to come to the medium in my life on eating right and exercising, but all the while still getting to enjoy the foods I love. The last time I lost all the weight I was exercising 4 times a week at the gym and cutting my portions significantly.

So we'll see. I love this place. Such a wonderful place of support. My boyfriend is due back during the summer from his deployment and I wanna look like a hot little thing for him to come home to!

Hi again
This time, it's all for me.

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