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After a really cool weekend, it was nice enough to run again yesterday, score! Rather than taking every other day off like the C25k plan says, for the moment I'm just taking off the cooler "Wow it really feels like spring not summer" days. Today will be W2D3, but I think Im going to do an extra day of this week before I move on, so I'll do that on Thursday.. tomorrow's looking to be one of those cool, off days!

Rai - I was born in '85, so that makes you older. BUT STILL! . And yea I prefer running outside (tried the treadmill thing back when i started losing.

Yay for Aries!

bida - that's a good idea with the music, I never really thought of that. I should try that sometime... in about 2 years, when I'm better at running just by itself . And as for how many days a week I'm running, that's dictated by the weather right now. I can just say I've been going a week and a half and Im almost done with W2, even with adding an extra day at the end of each week. (took 3 days off this weekend though!)

futurepixie - Everywhere I read, people are scared of the running for 20 minutes. Im looking forward to it with excitement, but that will probably change once I get there. Hope it went well, updateupdate let us know!

Off to go put away laundry quickly before I go to work!
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