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When you get the wrap things or meltovers, it really helps to use a conventional oven instead of a nuker.

With the meltovers, I actually REMOVE the topping, toast the bread until it's non-soggy and crispier, then add the topping and finish heating.

With the wraps/quesadillas, I just bake or toast it altogether until it's browned, but not burned.

If you nuke them: nasty. Toasted: very nice.

I found the cous cous inedible. Bleh. And their alfredo sauce has absolutely no flavor. The eggplant parmesan didn't have a nice consistency.

But the mac n cheese and stuffed shells and ravioli were excellent.

I'm pretty much decided about canceling DTYD. They are terrific, pleasant, and I've found products through them that are really good--the muffins, bagels, cocoa, etc-- but I've reached my tolerance for chicken and may abstain for months. A simple bit of roast chicken from Pollo Tropical or Boston Market is so much better than ANY of their chicken dishes.

I hope you find a lot to enjoy in the DTG veggie menu.

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