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hello featherweights, i don't feel like a featherweight. 20lbs isn't so easy to lose. i am soon 42 and my baby will be 4. he is also number 4, yet that doesn't seem like it should make a difference. the first two boys, i had at 21 and 23, and the next batch, girl and boy were at 36 and 38.

i didn't lose all the weight after my daughter before i was pregnant with my last son. he nursed for two years. walking and exercise in general is not easy with small children. also i didn't have too much trouble with the first two though i did exercise.

now with four children, though now two are in college, it seems as if time is not on my side. i am a partner in a small business, have the kids, the house, the dogs, and a husband that is gone a lot; so basically i am a single parent.

i eat well and don't have too many vices. i don't drink often or even much at all. my biggest problem is i believe a math situation. eat fewer more important calories and exercise to create the deficit i need to loose the weight. i just don't seem to be consistant enough in burning the calories. i have just seemed to lose a few, have a few cold days where i don't feel like walking, but then i will eat the same ammount. i think a lot is mental. i need to find more solace in different activities.

this site i hope will provide me an outlet when i am feeling ansy. i think i eat when i need to release, especially at night when the children are sleeping and i can not work out or walk. i am starting to add light weights and am hoping this will help.

those of you who are in their forties, please expound on what part you believe age has in the weight battle. i am not giving up no matter what, but i do want to hear from successful weight losers as to what motivated them and how they have stayed the course to achieve their goals!!!!!

also even if you aren't fortyish, i welcome ALL suggestions as i want to slay this dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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