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Default can i join you??

hi featherweights!

Here's a brief resume of me and my weight.

I was an active child and teenager, and weighed around 8 stone (112) up until i was about 22. (i'm 5'4) Then, I got a car, and stopped moving around so much. the weight slowly crept up and now I'm 142 pounds.

I didn't really start thinking about my weight until recently. I always thought I was kind of ok ish and I can't say I spend alot of time thinking about my appearance. Then, I've met my current boyfriend. I think he loves me (he says he does) but he's made some comments about how I look. And I know, I know, I'd tell my friends, don't bother loosing weight for a guy. But now I've got that thought in my head, I've started to feel a bit less confident in myself and like I should lose weight.

So this is the start of my journey. I'm just watching what I eat (started on monday) and trying to be as active as possible. I hope to get down to 120-125 pounds, but I guess anything would be good.

I love reading all your stories on here, and can't wait til I caan post my before and after pictures!

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