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Bida - thanks for the idea . I actually went out and got another kind of pants that are lighter, that work great for me. The warmer pants work well in cooler mornings, as I discovered yesterday.

June - Lol look on the bright side.. it's warming up! Outside running! Bright sunshine and all that fun stuff .

So yes, I haven't quit and died yet. Actually, I'm really enjoying myself. I did 4 days of W1, going to start W2 tomorrow because I want a bit more of a challenge. (Maybe it's because my body is so used to walking 2 or 3 miles at once? *shrugs*) I found quickly that running is a great form of stress relief. Especially when I have my mp3 player and am listening to celtic music (tied with rock/metal as my favorite lol) Im going to have to restock my collection.. a large number of my cds were stolen when I was in HS, and I never had the money to replace them. Need to work on that.

But yea. I took 1 day off, and that was kind of a forced myself deal.. website says to take a break between days, and maybe as Im doing more running I will. Listen to my body, right? My body wants more! Heh.
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