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We have a lot in common in how we feel. I stopped boiling in the bag cause I like d the food better microwaved. I couldn't stand the beef in the bag/boiled, so I micro-ed a bit, then put it in a skillet to brown. That made it much better.

I also add fruit. They only give you 1200 calories in DTYD, so you can safely add 400 of whole grains and fruit and still be in "dieting" caloric range. I have mangoes and oranges and stuff, cause I grew up eating tons of fruit and I can't break that habit. I'm a tropical girl. I gotta have my papaya and pineapple, and I adore raspberries and oranges.

So, I think folks can tailor this.

HOwever, I think you got it right when it's seen as more a teaching/motivation tool. I just can't see eating bagged food long-term. This is an emergency regrouping for me, cause i had tried for a year to get motivated to lose weight and couldn't. HAving food delivered is just a reminder--it's there, it's cooked, it's low cal: EAT IT. And look at what a portion is.

Thanks for posting your experience. I think all the stuff here can help those trying to decide on these plans.

They have very good intentions, but there just isn't enough of the "home-cooked soul" in the food.

I will say that if some Cuban restaurant down here got on the healthy Latino food cantina deal (cantinas are when they cook the food daily and you pick it up and bring it home, or they deliver it to your door), I'd do that. I always found the food really good tasting, and the portions were so big that I could divvy it up and two of us could eat for the low-price of one. It was usually about 10 bucks a day (instead of the 20 or 30 or more of some of these long-distance plans).

I'm thinking that with so many women busy and working and stuff, the future will see local restaurants figuring out how to get that home-delivery business, and we'll at last see fresher, tastier, and healthier food options for those of us who can't cook or need convenience or pre-measuring.

I can hope, right?

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