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Hope you all had a great day!! This is great getting know all of you and getting support while I lose weight. When I tried SB a year ago I didn't know about the support boards. I may have stuck with it if I had known.

Deb- This is what I had to eat today.
B-Yogurt Smoothie (1c.Plain Yogurt,1/2c. frozen berries, a smig of milk, 1/2tsp. vanilla, 2-3 packs of splenda)
S- Handful of mixed nuts
L- Pita Pizza (spead with homemade hummas, a few pepperonis and small amout of cheese), Serving of Broccoli
S- Orange
D- Grilled chicken breast, 1/4 Acorn Squash, Salad
Sweets- Legal Apple Crisp about 1/2c.

Yes I am going to Las Vegas. It should be a great time. There will be about 30 of us there to celebrate. They are going to renew their vows next May and have a huge wedding. They are going to Humbolt State and wanted to get married before they left. They didn't want to live together not married. I can repect that.

Vesnoid - Welcome I am a newcomer too.

It sounds as if most of you live near each other and that you are planning a get together. Do you meet with each other often? Are there those that travel long distance to join. Maybe someday. I have been to FL once. It was this past December for a training class in Orlando. You have to understand when I say I missed home. I am very used to mountains and wide open space. We have alot of it here. I am not a city girl. I like to visit but only for a short while. I am hoping to get to go back in August for another class.

Well it is time to go. I guess I am getting the hang of this. I sould go on forever.

Have a good evening. To all who are watching the olympics I hope you have a great night.

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