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Default HIyas :D

See.. I'm quiet for a day and the board is slow... told ya it's my big mouth

Today was hectic... I did find 4 more bottles of Agave today and bought it!! It's $2.99 for 8 oz... can you get it any cheaper Deb.. or at least comparable with s/h? If so DH said I can buy a whole case... he tasted it and he LIKES it, so I'm gonna be using more than I thought... I have 8 bottles.

Got some more Aunt Gussies Biscotti... they were out of almond, so I got Hazelnut.. it's not bad, but I'd rather have the almond... but that may be a good thing

I went out today and bought some Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Baking Powder, Almond Extract.... OK... do you see how LITTLE I've ever cooked before? I couldn't bake ANYTHING on the recipe boards because I did'nt have ANYTHING!!!

Forgot the Cream Cheese, and the Pumpkin for the cheesecake and the muffins... and so I still have yet to cook anything because those were the things I was gonna make. Go figure

OK... I have a quick WOE question... Deb - in answer to you.. I like pork skins..LOL, so I'd rather have them sometimes than a chicken breast (it's the redneck girl in me, sorry) If we find something, like sandwich meat or really anything, and it has sugar on the label, but it has less than 3g per serving, than it's legal (assuming all other ingredients are legal)? I'm just confused on that... what is and isn't legal even if it has sugar/dextrose/whatever word they use.
I also have a hard time with what are good/bad carbs.

What is a starchy carb?? I know we should limit to 2-3 starchy carbs a day.. but what is that? Is my Shredded Wheat cereal a starchy carb? Triscuits?

OK... I've asked enough to keep everyone busy and the board hopping....

Oh yeah... My son (he'll be 10 in March) was working on a drawing for a contest, and the art teacher pulled the best 2 artists out of each 4th grade class for extra art classes this week to work on their contest drawing... and my son was the one in his class to get pulled!!! (He's a straight A student too!!!) SO anyway... small brag And so the youngest doesn't feel left out.. He'll be 5 next monday, and he wrote me a valentines card all by himself yesterday... and spelled it all right... so small brag for him too

BTW - A little info ya didn't ask for, didn't need, might not want, but I'm gonna give ya anyway.... TOM finally came today... and I was still down that 5 lbs... sooooooo, after it goes away I'm expecting a great WISaturday (since that's the day I have access to a scale..lolol!!)

OK.. I'm really going now

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.
Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

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